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Indian Aerospace and Engineering (IAE) was one of the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in Mumbai when it was founded in 2006 in one of the world's major aviation centres, Mumbai. The biggest group of universities in South Asia offering instruction in aircraft maintenance engineering is the Sha Shib Group of universities, which serves as the institute's mentor.

Why Us

Quality Certification

Indian Aerospace and Engineering, Mumbai's quality management system has been certified under the International Standard Order, ISO 9001:2015, for the provision of instruction in aircraft maintenance engineering. By CAR 147 Basic, Indian Aerospace and Engineering is authorised by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. IAE-Navi Mumbai is one of the greatest and most advanced institutions for Aircraft maintenance engineering in Mumbai.


Banner of Largest Group

IAE stands in a considerable position as the largest and most prominent institution in South Asia for aircraft maintenance engineering in Mumbai, serving as the headquarters of the Sha-Shib Group. A prominent educational organization called The Sha-Shib Group is dedicated to providing a wide range of aviation courses across India and the group contains top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in Maharashtra. Within the group, there are:

  • 8 colleges specializing in aircraft maintenance engineering
  • 8 organizations dedicated to aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul
  • 1 flying academy
  • 2 engineering colleges
  • 2 colleges offering degrees in science and management

In addition, the Sha-Shib Group is well-represented at six airports, which strengthens its influence in the aviation sector.

Regulatory organizations across the nation, including the DGCA, AICTE, UGC, and NCTE, among others, broadly recognize our network of AME Institutes. We are quite proud to be the only organisation in India providing AME programmes that are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.

Our maintenance organizations

Best Campus for Training

The well-appointed classrooms, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, garden, café, sunset point, and tree house are all located on the more than 16-acre IAE campus and it is the well-known college for aircraft maintenance engineering in Maharashtra. The IAE property also contains one maintenance organisation, two degree institutions, and other facilities.

An establishment recognised by CAR-147 to provide instruction in aircraft maintenance engineering

A college offering Bachelor of Technology programmes in Civil Engineering, Communication, and Computer Science and Electronics

A college offering graduate and postgraduate degrees for programmes in B.Sc., BBA., BCA., B.Ed., MA., and M.Sc.

The government of India has approved International Aircraft Sales Pvt. Ltd. as a maintenance, repair, and overhaul organisation for the upkeep of aircraft and their equipment.

Why Us

Top Ranking

The Sha-Shib Group, Mumbai was placed seventh overall among the top 10 engineering schools in Central India by the Times Engineering Survey 2020.

Sha-Shib Group, Mumbai, is placed 50th out of India's best engineering colleges for placement in the Times Engineering Survey 2020.


Why Us

Government Approval

Indian Aerospace and Engineering has been granted authorization for the Mechanical and Avionics Category by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, by CAR-147 and CAR-66 rules.

  • B1.1- Aeroplane Turbine
  • B1.2- Aeroplane Piston
  • B1.3- Helicopter Turbine
  • B2-Avionics

Why Us

Major Aviation Courses

Enhancing our students' technical and managerial abilities is our first aim as it will equip them for the more intense competition and growing demand for specialisation in the fast-paced industry. IAE, the best institution for aircraft maintenance engineering in Mumbai, gives aspiring students the option to customise their bachelor's degree programme to fit their preferences. Students in our bachelor's programme can choose from a variety of disciplinary options, such as:

  • AME + Bachelor of Technology
  • AME + Bachelor of Science
  • AME + Bachelor of Business Administration
  • AME + Bachelor of Computer Application

Best Academic Results

A critical turning point in Indian history has been reached as IAE has demonstrated its intellectual prowess to the international community with an incredible 100% success rate in the DGCA Exam (Paper I), which was given by the CEO of DGCA. Because of this, IAE has become one of India's greatest institutes and the best Aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in Maharashtra, thus solidifying its reputation.

Over the past seven years, we have nurtured six very talented Indian students who have earned the esteemed title of India Toppers in the DGCA exams. We are immensely proud of them.

Our Own Maintenance Organizations

We are honoured to manage eight MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) organisations that have been granted permission by the Indian government's Director General of Civil Aviation by CAR-145 guidelines. These organizations—IASPL-Bhopal, SFA-Guna, ARDC-Guwahati, HAE(MRO)-Pune, ARDC-Jamshedpur, IAE(MRO)-Mumbai, UAE-Bhubaneswar, and ARDC-Bhubaneswar—showcase our commitment to excellence. Conveniently located on the same property as IAE is International Aircraft Sales Pvt. Ltd., one of our MRO facilities. Because of this beneficial proximity, students get an essential understanding of the procedures and techniques employed by the industry about aircraft and its components.

Our Own Flying Club

We at Guna Airport are pleased to introduce Sha-Shib Flying Academy, our very own flying club. Our committed Flying Club is here to provide major benefits, including early and personal student exposure to the aviation sector. Engaging in air operations, maintenance, CAMO, and ground operations regularly offers significant educational benefits. Additionally, for an additional expense, our Flying Club provides an added advantage for students who want to become pilots while making sure that their studies are not interfered with by government restrictions and rules.

Industrial Tie-ups

Indian Aerospace and Engineering (IAE) has as one of its primary goals to bridge the knowledge gap between academic training and the practical application of acquired information. To achieve this goal, IAE is delighted to collaborate with esteemed industry partners like as Air India, Go First, Indo Copters, Sha-Shib Flying Academy, GMR, and International Aircraft Sales Pvt. Ltd.

These accredited educational institutions, which are IAE's official training partners, give students invaluable opportunities to hone their skills and get ongoing instruction from experienced aircraft maintenance engineers. Through these relationships, IAE cultivates the creation of highly skilled professionals for the dynamic aviation industry.

Airport Presence

We now conduct business out of six airports located in India, namely Guna, Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Hosur, Ratlam, and Chhindwara. Beyond these regions, we want to expand the number of airports we operate shortly. We are eager to fly to new heights with planned development and enhanced accessibility to reach a wider audience.

Computer Lab

Computers have become more important in higher education because they make it possible to quickly access material and speed up the process of learning skills that would otherwise take considerably longer. In response to this, IAE established three cutting-edge computer laboratories with high-speed internet access as a preventative approach. We make sure that our students have the resources to optimise their learning capacity and keep current with technological changes by placing a high priority on these state-of-the-art facilities.

Workshops and Labs

Students may observe the technology in operation in several aircraft technology workshops and labs located on our campus. Airframe Store, Jet Engine Laboratory, Lab for Piston Engines, Radio Batteries Inc. Equipment Shop Welding Studio, Electrical Instrument Lab facilities are available.

Centralized Academic Council

We at IAE are quite proud of our highly qualified, seasoned, and skilled faculty. Over fifteen skilled and informed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, who work directly in our MROs, are members of the Centralised Academic Council, which is in charge of managing our institute's academic programmes. This invaluable resource is extremely beneficial to our students since it provides them with access to knowledge and insights from real business experts.

Our staff of competent faculty members, who have 20–30 years of experience teaching in the aviation industry, further enhances the quality of education at IAE. The Centralised Academic Council ensures that all required course materials, including practice questions, practice schedules, training notes and other training aids, are always accessible. Because of this robust support structure, we are committed to giving our students an outstanding educational experience.

Dedicated Placement Cell

A specific training and placement cell at IAE gives students details about the aviation sector they will enter. After completing all of the CAR-66 module exams and earning their license in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, students are eligible to get support with work placements and career launches. We are the only institute in India providing on-site practical training as well as job placement tools, having five of our MROs and one flying club.

Aircrafts and Hangar

We have three different kinds of aircraft stationed on campus, together with a fully functional aircraft hanger, for practical demonstration. Students always have an easier time understanding maintenance processes when there are operational aircraft on site. We are the only organisation in India with more than 30 different types of aircraft stationed at our many campuses. Our fleet includes both light and large aircraft with piston and jet engines, as well as modern instruments and technology, to provide students enrolled in AME courses with the best training possible.

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