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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

AME"The role of a Pilot is akin to the heart of an aircraft, while the AME embodies its very soul."

Aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs) are licenced professionals who certify an aircraft or a part of it for airworthiness before being put into service. An aircraft maintenance engineer conducts, certifies, and makes significant repairs on aircraft, power plants, components, and accessories by national and international aviation rules before allowing them to be used. By regulatory requirements, all airlines, maintenance and repair companies, flying clubs, etc. appoint these AMEs to certify their aircraft and its components. Job prospects in the aviation sector are perhaps best in the discipline of aircraft maintenance engineering. A strong feeling of accountability and respect permeates the AME work description.

Before takeoff, an AME's job is to make sure the aircraft is in a flyable condition. according to the standards set by the Indian government. No aircraft may take off without the approval of competent Maintenance Engineers. To become an AME, a person must finish an AME course from an institute that has been authorised by the DGCA. The DGCA-approved curriculum is offered by these recognised schools, and internal tests are used to assess course completion. Each AME institute is given a set number of seats in categories B1 (Mechanical) and B2 (Avionics). No AME institute is permitted to take on more students than the DGCA has approved. Aspiring engineers with experience in aviation repair can start working for commercial or public airlines after getting their licenses.

Enrollment in the aircraft engineer course is open to anybody interested in pursuing their dreams and entering the competitive aviation profession. Enrollment at AME training schools is open to those who want to become successful AMEs and succeed in their endeavours. Like other Institutes/colleges under other regulatory organisations, such as AICTE, NCTE, etc., these DGCA-certified aircraft maintenance engineering colleges also provide the necessary knowledge, expertise, and experience in aircraft maintenance procedures to pass the AME licence test.

After completing the AME course, students will not be awarded a licence or degree. However, the only AME students who would be eligible for the correct AME licence would be those who completed the aircraft maintenance engineering course satisfactorily and passed the Aircraft maintenance engineering licence tests administered by the DGCA. If you want to work in the aviation business as a reliable certification specialist and progress in your career as an aircraft maintenance engineer, enrol at the Indian Aerospace and Engineering, Mumbai for an aircraft maintenance engineer course. Because of the DGCA, a government of India regulation that the institute may only admit 30 students per batch per academic year, there are only a restricted number of seats available for you to fulfil your dreams. IAE Mumbai is the best institute for AME courses and follows the DGCA-prescribed aircraft maintenance engineering syllabus.


Job Work & Responsibilities of an AME

Safety is the priority when it comes to aircraft. An aircraft is composed of hundreds of the newest technologies, electrical as well as electronic systems, and engines, among many other components. Frequent maintenance and inspection of aircraft have therefore become essential. An aircraft maintenance engineer has undergone specialised training to inspect an aircraft, find defects, alert others to the problems, and then fix them. Numerous passengers place a great deal of burden on the aircraft. AME is a highly respected and trustworthy profession since it deals with the safety and protection of aircraft and their occupants. Before take-off, all aircraft problems must be resolved by an authorised aircraft maintenance engineer.


Lifestyle, Job Opportunities & Salary of an AME

AME requires certified individuals with the requisite skills and competence since they are the foundation of the aviation industry and are important for every flight. AME has to be enthusiastic about what he does. They certainly make a great living wage. It's a really good job. Following graduation from AME, one is free to live a luxurious lifestyle.

◙  National Carrier: Before take-off, any problems with the aircraft must be evaluated and fixed by a certified aircraft maintenance engineer. Once a flight is granted a Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC), the aircraft is ready to fly.

◙ Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) industries: MRO enterprises are those that specialise in ensuring that preset conditions and their parts—jet engines, landing gears, etc.—are satisfied. Any flying aircraft requires maintenance to be performed by a trained aircraft maintenance engineer.

◙ Aircraft Manufacturing Companies: Manufacturers of aircraft, such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and so on, are referred to as aircraft manufacturing businesses. Operating jets as well as piston engines, electrical systems, etc., require a licensed AME.

◙ Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies: An aircraft is composed of several components. To manufacture specific parts, aircraft part manufacturing companies were founded. With the help of an aircraft maintenance engineer, they may examine these parts and produce an improved version.

◙ Aircraft Operation Organizations: These establishments handle the regulations controlling civil aviation security and safety. The aircraft maintenance engineer is usually the first person who comes to mind when discussing aircraft safety.

◙ Flying Clubs: A flying club is an organisation that rents out aircraft to its members at a fair price. such aircraft needs maintenance, and certified aircraft maintenance engineers provide such upkeep.

◙ Civil Defence Forces: The armed forces use a range of aircraft to carry out various operations to safeguard the country. An authorised aircraft maintenance engineer is also responsible for maintaining defence aircraft.

◙ And any place where an aircraft is used for civil: An authorised aircraft maintenance engineer is required to service an aircraft when it is used for civil aviation.


Career Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The following information affects the range of AME careers:

The career of the AME is being advanced via the UDAN programme. Reducing travel expenses is the main objective of the UDAN Scheme, which aims to "let common people fly". The number of domestic passengers has increased significantly, which has increased the number of AME employment openings. The requirement for new aircraft is a result of the roughly 25% annual growth rate in air travel. 

There is currently a worldwide shortage of AME professionals. The license is internationally valid. An AME from any institute may work domestically and internationally, in the public sector or the commercial sector, increasing the demand for 7,54,000 licensed AMEs worldwide in the coming years. India's aviation sector is growing rapidly, making it an excellent market for investment. As more businesses like WOW Airlines and Qatar Airways entered the Indian aviation market, the demand for AMEs increased. Boeing and Airbus want to open MRO organisations in many Indian states, generating thousands of jobs for AME. India is competing with China to become the third-largest aviation nation, which is an incredible achievement for the country. There are a lot of diligent, committed individuals in India who could feel proud of their nation. The growth of aviation has given AMEs amazing career opportunities.


What are the qualifications to become an AME?


The basic qualifications for getting admission to an aircraft maintenance engineering college is, that the student must pass their +2 with Physics, chemistry and mathematics. Additionally, in India DGCA Approved Aircraft maintenance engineering colleges can provide quality education for students. Under the Sha Shib Group Indian Aerospace and Engineering (IAE) Mumbai is one of the prominent institutions for Aircraft maintenance engineering courses. 

AME License- After completing the Aircraft Maintenance Technician course, a student must hold an aircraft maintenance engineer licence to work as an AME. It is a prerequisite to apply for an AME job in the aviation industry. The government of India's DGCA grants the licence. The AME grant is valuable since it allows AME to work in the public and private sectors in both India and overseas.


  • Teamwork: Since the AME controls the aircraft, a candidate should feel at ease collaborating with others.
  • Accountability: AME bears responsibility for the security and well-being of aircraft.
  • Capacity to work irregular hours: AME is needed in both good and undesirable times and locations. An AME can function in any situation.
  • Communication abilities: AME has to have outstanding communication abilities. He or she needs to speak English well.
  • Confidence: AME can correctly and confidently portray themselves. The AME need to approach his profession with positivity.


How to get AME Licence?


Completion of Course (COC) - After completing three academic years at an aircraft maintenance engineering college, the student is declared to have completed aircraft engineer courses. C of R is given to the applicant. DGCA acknowledges all eligible AME institutions in India. The Ministry of Civil Aviation in India is the recipient of reports from the DGCA.

Modules - The Government of India's DGCA is in charge of the modules. There are a total of 17 modules, according to DGCA, however, candidates need to pass each one by the stream they have selected. The candidate needs to finish every module.

Experience – The four-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme is rigorous. The last year will be devoted to training in a maintenance setting, with the first three years being dedicated to an academic programme. The knowledge acquired throughout training will be considered experience when applying for an AME licence.


To be eligible for a COC (Completion of Course) Certificate, an applicant must finish a three-year academic programme at an aircraft maintenance engineering college that has been authorised by the DGCA. Throughout this three-year programme, a candidate will gain both academic and practical aviation skills. After completing three years of academic study, a candidate will get a C of R Certificate.

This three-year academic programme requires specific courses to be passed by candidates. The module exam will be given by the Indian government's DGCA and this regulatory authority prescribes the aircraft maintenance engineering course details. For the candidate's three years of industrial training in a real-world environment, there will be a stipend. Following that, by DGCA regulations, the certified aviation maintenance engineer will be granted an AME Licence.




Any interested student may register offline by contacting us or by completing the online form at for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme.

By CAR-66 & CAR-147 approved aircraft maintenance engineering college, a candidate must have passed their higher secondary exam with Science stream (PCM) or have completed a three-year diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, or Aeronautical from a recognised board can be eligible for applying the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course.

The Aircraft Act, 1934 (XXII of 1934), enacted by the Parliament of India and the Government of India, served as the basis for Regulations 61 and 133B of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, which form the basis of this civil aviation requirement.

Students have great potential in the aviation industry but are extremely impoverished financially. To support these worthy students, Indian Aerospace & Engineering and the Sha Shib Group are holding the Sha-Shib Scholarship and Aptitude Test (SSAT). Based on how well you do in this test, you can get admission to Indian Aerospace & Engineering in Mumbai. The prestigious Indian Aerospace & Engineering Institute requires applicants to register online at to be considered for admission.

There are more and more job opportunities for AMEs due to India's increasing aviation traffic. Being an aircraft maintenance engineer is the correct career option at this moment. With this line of work, you can afford whatever luxury you might want. AME jobs are expected to soar to new heights, according to recent reports.

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