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Foreign Students

Foreign students and other candidates nominated by the Government of India for admission on reserved seats under different scholarship programs are eligible for admission to the Indian Aerospace & Engineering to study the Aircraft Maintenance Course if they meet the requirements, subject to a maximum of 5 seats. If such overseas students meet the required eligibility requirements and their applications are approved by the Indian government, they would be spared from taking the examinations. They should submit their applications either directly or through the Indian missions of their respective nations. No such application may be considered unless it has the Government of India's approval.

Media for Instructions and Examinations

The lectures are given in both Hindi and English. The Examination Authority administers the test in English. As is typically the case, newly admitted engineering students have poor English language skills. They have a lot of trouble continuing their English-language studies. For these students, the Institute would be able to provide English language instruction for a very low cost.


90% Attendance per subject per semester is essential to each individual student.


In Indian Aerospace & Engineering, ragging between junior and senior students is strictly prohibited. Students must conform well and any violation of the rules may result in severe consequences for the offender.

Absents and Leaves

The student's admission fee and other fees are used by the institute to improve the facilities available to students as well as to cover significant costs associated with maintenance, advertising, and other activities necessary to guarantee the quality of education. As a result, once an applicant has been admitted to the Institute, there can be no money return. Even if a student does not show up for even one class, the price and the other costs once paid will never be refunded, transferred, or changed. The tuition, extra fees, and security deposit are all forfeited by students who drop out of a course in the middle of it.

Management Rights

The Indian Aerospace & Engineering Director retains the right, as may be necessary from time to time, to add to or modify the current regulations, working hours, schedule, fee structure, and manner of instruction.

Legal Jurisdiction

Only the civil court in Mumbai shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between the management of the Institute as well as students, parents, or guardians.

Uniform for Boys

Oxford blue pants, a black tie, a white pair of socks, and a white shirt are all appropriate attire.

Uniform for Girls

Oxford blue pants, a white shirt, a black tie, black shoes, and white socks. Tunic in Oxford Blue.

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