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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

At the forefront of the aviation industry's growth is the discipline of aircraft maintenance engineering. Its key concerns include maintaining aircraft security and safety, managing repairs and maintenance, as well as quality control and problem-solving. Pursuing AME is frequently seen as a dream job for those who have a background in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) in the 12th grade.


There are various possibilities to interact with cutting-edge technology and prestigious organisations as there are in the aviation business. Their key priorities include improving flight safety procedures, maintaining aircraft maintenance, and maximising fuel efficiency. Most engineers who work on aircraft maintenance are employed by independent companies or airlines that require skilled technicians to service their aircraft. Aircraft maintenance engineers are also required by the Maintenance and Overhaul sectors for the production and performance testing of aircraft components.


In addition, companies like air ambulance services, business or private aviation enterprises, and air taxi services employ engineers. Joining a DGCA-approved AME college is important for aspiring students. In India Indian Aerospace and Engineering is the best option for studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Indian Aerospace and Engineering provide both academic and practical training for students and also provides placement assistance. 

Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

An aircraft maintenance engineer might find rewarding job prospects in a variety of aviation-related fields after receiving a licence from the DGCA. AME Job opportunities in India include employment at airports, businesses that produce or repair aircraft, and even lucrative positions with competitive pay packages in private airlines. In this field, the possibilities for a dedicated and hardworking expert's career are endless. Given the high need for aircraft engineers worldwide, there are prospects to enter the international aviation industries, which provide high salaries and alluring incentives.


In the aviation business, there is a great need for qualified experts, particularly aircraft maintenance engineers, given the Ministry of Civil Aviation's forecasted steep development trajectory. The potential for employment in aircraft maintenance engineering is therefore enormous. Aside from providing a plethora of choices, the field of aircraft maintenance engineering is critical to preserving the aviation industry's operational integrity and safety. The rapid growth of the aviation sector in India, which is anticipated to continue to advance, will depend heavily on AMEs.


Indian Aviation industry is significantly growing and this rapid growth leads to the need for competent AMEs.  The presence of AMEs is essential for the aviation industry because, without their permission, an aircraft cannot take off. After completing this course, students will have a theoretical and practical grasp of the electrical and mechanical parts of an aircraft. In addition, government rules including the UDAN Scheme also help to promote the scope of Aircraft Maintenance engineers in India. The operational features of aircraft are the main focus of AME job possibilities.


AMEs get considerable training to perform duties essential to the health and safety of aircraft. The number of people flying is rising, which indicates that India's aviation industry is expanding quickly and this may increase the AME job opportunities. The need for qualified engineers is further increased by the government's calculated actions towards the growth of the aviation industry. A wide range of industries use AMEs, including National and International Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturing and Parts Companies, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) Organisations, Aviation Training Centres, Civil Defence Forces, Aviation Operation Organisations, and Flying Clubs.


One of the main objectives of Indian Aerospace and Engineering is to close the knowledge gap that exists between formal education and the real-world application of knowledge. IAE is happy to work with renowned industry partners including Sha-Shib Flying Academy, GMR, Indo Copters, Go First, Air India, and International Aircraft Sales Pvt. Ltd. to accomplish this aim.


These recognised educational establishments, which serve as IAE's official training partners, provide students with priceless chances to polish their abilities and get continuing education from knowledgeable aircraft maintenance engineers.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job Opportunities in India

  • Airlines: Before takeoff, AMEs are essential in guaranteeing aircraft safety. They examine and resolve aircraft problems before approving the certifications needed for takeoff.
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) Industries: Focused on aircraft maintenance tasks, MRO firms need certified AMEs to perform repairs on vital parts including landing gears and jet engines.
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies: AMEs are employed by companies that manufacture aeroplanes, such as Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier, to maintain and run electronic systems and engines.
  • Manufacturers of Aircraft Parts: AMEs contribute by studying aircraft parts and helping manufacturers of Aircraft Parts produce better components.
  • Flying Clubs: AMEs keep aeroplanes for flying clubs, giving participants reasonably priced access to aircraft for their aviation endeavours.

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